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College Park: #4070 & #873
5234 Old National Hwy, College Park, Georgia 30349
Phone: 404.767.8100
Monday- Friday: 10am – 6pm

Marietta: #4072 & #2039
2188 Austell Road Marietta, GA 30008
Phone: 770.433.9233
Monday- Friday: 10am – 5pm

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Weekends, Before and After hours are by appointment only
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In attempts to do our part in helping decrease the spread of COVID-19, we now offer our Risk Reduction Assessment online for $100. This payment will go towards the total cost of $360 for the class. Once your assessment is completed, call us to schedule your class dates. Class schedule is posted online.

If you would like to pay via phone call us at 404-767-8100

Assessment fee            $100
+ 20 hour Course fee   $260
Total Course fee           $360

3 options for payment

1st  Assessment only $100

2nd  20 hour class only $260

3rd  Total cost for DUI/ Risk Reduction

Assessment & 20 hour class $360

Here’s how we will operate assessment

Customer pay online or by phone

Once online payment is completed, contact us for access code for assessment.

If paying by phone, once payment is confirmed access code for assessment will be distributed

After completion of assessment students are instructed to  notify us that assessment has been  completed for further instructions


$ 100
One Time Fee


20 Hour Risk Reduction Class
$ 360
One Time Fee
  • $100.00 Assessment
  • $235.00 Class Fee
  • $25.00 Book Fee

$360.00 State Set Price State Approved


After completing the assessment and the 20 hour Department of Driver Service’s (DDS) licensed D.U.I. Risk Reduction Program, individuals convicted of a second D.U.I. or drug charge within a 5 year period must complete a clinical evaluation before DDS will, possibly, restore driving privileges.

20 Hour Risk Reduction Class

The 2 1/2 Day, 20 hour program has instructors challenging common beliefs and attitudes about alcohol/drug usages and guides students to develop new patterns of behavior based on their own circumstances and history. Instructors use interactive lecture, small group discussion, audio and video presentation and workbook activities to assist in the learning process.


Prior to beginning the 20 hour class, all students must come in and complete a needs assessment. This is a 130 item questionnaire addressing different lifestyle issues. The assessment will be entered into a computer, which will then analyze your responses and generate a score. Your score will be given to you during class.

Please note: This Assessment is a part of the Risk Reduction program and is not the same as the Clinical Evaluation as needed for probation or court.

The assessment cost is $100.00 and must be paid for at the time the assessment is completed. The assessments are given Monday-Friday between the hours of 10am-5pm. The deadline for completing the assessment will always be 5pm on the Friday before any class starts.

No person may attend any Risk Reduction program until this assessment has been completed and scored. Once an assessment has been completed at any state certified school, the person must attend classes at that location.

Payment is accepted in cash, money order, Master Card, Visa or American Express.

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