Clinical Evaluation Information

Clinical evaluations are $95.00

Often when an individual is charged with a DUI (or any other drug or alcohol related charge), they will be required to undergo an evaluation either by a judge, attorney or probation officer. However, other charges may also require Clinical Evaluations.  Call for more information.

Some clients hesitate doing a Clinical Evaluation because they fear that they will automatically be recommended treatment. This is not the case for everyone. 

Why would I need a Clinical Evaluation?

  • DUI (Alcohol and/or Drug Charge)
  • Probation Ordered
  • Court Ordered
  • Reckless Driving
  • Possession
  • Underage
  • INS (Immigration Required)
  • ASAM Level 1 Treatment

What is a Treatment Session?

AABACUS Counciling Centers are an approved provider for Clinical Evaluations and Treatment.

Clinical Evaluators may recommend treatment. Treatment means attendance and participation in the type of program recommended by the Evaluator. Treatment is required if determined necessary by the Clinical Evaluator.

Did you know??

Clinical Evaluation may also be required in order to obtain a limited driving permit (to get to and from work, school and/or treatment) after the minimum 4 months of license suspension.

You also have the right to complete any treatment recommendations at your facility of choice.

As a client, you always have the right to get a second opinion if you disagree with the evaluation results or recommendations.

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